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Our Activities & Programs

Our Activities & Programs


It’s a variety of creative sporting activities expected to bring together kids, teens, teens and adults in families, playing together. Orphanage names stretches its arms to include variety of people in communities such as orphans, the homeless underprivileged and both the “haves” and the “have-nots”.

It further arm at promoting inclusion, healthy life style, involvement, partnership, initial bonding among families, while at the same time transforming children and communities as a whole through sports. Not only that, it also create an avenue and the platform through sports for children from all walks of life, and for that matter, families, who care for kids in orphanages, to come together and play, socialize, share love, and laugh and have fun.

While at the same time creating the opportunity to learn from adults and experience people who will share encouraging and motivating words with the kids. It is also expected that the opportunity will be utilized to support and bridge the relationship gap between kids with their families and kids in orphanages.


Many orphanage homes could be liken to boarding houses, camps and hostels where children are kept for a long hours without much socialization with the outside world. Visitation from charitable organization and individuals are infrequent and mostly during occasions, as festivities. These vulnerable and disadvantaged children are most lost often “forgotten” in our daily social lives, community and family interactions.

A visit to these orphanages always show that the children yearn for affection, deep care and love, they wants to interact, they want to mingle, they want to be loved and appreciated, they desire to belong and one of the most creative ways of meeting the need of these children is through sporting activities.


  1. To promote the moral and social wellbeing of children in our society.
  2. To promote friendship and love among children.
  3. To introduce sports as an effective tools to eradicate poverty by playing in a professional sporting clubs or teams in the future.


  1. Improved lives for young children
  2. New knowledge and increased skills
  3. Change attitude and values Change and modify behavior
  4. Improved physical and emotional condition


  1. At the Africa Orphanage home sports, a player will learn all the aspects required to become a total footballer or any other sports.
  2. The Academy follows a 10 week program which aligned itself with the school term. A training week consists of 3 sessions:
  3. Technical Session
  4. Team Session
  5. Matches


Our objective is to create competitive and highly skillful individuals that have a winning mentality, preparing them for a elite football and other sports.


  1. To take the children on a training tour and also competition both national in international where the children will have the chance to secure a contract playing professional sport in clubs and national teams around the world.
  2. Africa Orphanage Sport provides an enriched and divers learning environment for our players. Our primary objective is to develop our players into highly skilled footballers and other sports that can dominate games, outcome the opposition and entertain supporters through exciting and dynamic football and other sports.


  1. Our goal is to break the vicious cycle of poverty through sports and education and to boost cultural exchanges between the different population groups.
  2. We accompany our players on their personal life path, get them off the streets as children and effect the best possible influence on their development as persons and athletes.
  3. We create opportunities and promote each child individually. Together with you we increase the change for a better future, free from poverty, crime and drugs.


  1. Learning necessary life skills (social and educational) through clearly define academy rules in a professional environment.
  2. An educational outreach program including mathematics and English lessons increases the chances of tertiary education access and a career in sports.
  3. The compiling of schools and sports achievement in the form of a periodic training plan which monitors progress and development on a daily basis.
  4. Scouting well disciplined children who have the desire to become football players.
  5. The sharing of social values like team-spirit, discipline and respect as well as medical supports through soccer and sports programs.
  6. A multicultural team, in which we embody the positive role model.


Our children are aged 8 to 17 years.

SOCCER: our soccer academy is divided in two sectors:

Performance Team: The performance teams (U12, U14, U16) consist of well disciplined soccer players who come from the townships. All townships players receive a full African Orphanage Home Sports scholarship that includes clothing for matches and practice, nutrition packages after each season, transport and additional education supports much more. There are 3 to 4 periodical training sessions per week the players are obliged to take part in the educational program.


Twice a week we offer a paid after school soccer program for players between 8 to 14, in order to support the intercultural exchange. There are regular events, where the school teams practice or play together with the performance teams. In this way the children from the townships and the children from the more privilege areas are connected by the means of sports.



If you want to participate on the soccer field or any of the sports, you must join the education program at Africa Orphanage Home Sports. Every player is obliged to join the education program. Africa Orphanage Home Sports offers Mathematics & English Coaching as well as life skill training provided by qualified teachers. Moreover Africa Orphanage Homes Sports actively assist players aged 16 and older in finding career opportunities in the sporting world.

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