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About us

Africa Orphanage homes and less privilege Football and other Sport Association is a Non Governmental Organization established in the year 2018 fully registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) with Registration No. CAC/IT/120470 offering a holistic development program for children from historically and socially disadvantaged background in Nigeria and across African by means of Sports and Education.

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To take the children on a training tour and also competition both national in international where the children will have the chance to secure a contract playing professional sport in clubs and national teams around the world. Africa Orphanage Sport provides an enriched and divers learning environment for our players. Our primary objective is to develop our players into highly skilled footballers and other sports that can dominate games, outcome the opposition and entertain supporters through exciting and dynamic football and other sports.


1. Our goal is to break the vicious cycle of poverty through sports and education and to boost cultural exchanges between the different population groups. 


2. We accompany our players on their personal life path, get them off the streets as children and effect the best possible influence on their development as persons and athletes.


3. We create opportunities and promote each child individually. Together with you we increase the change for a better future, free from poverty, crime and drugs.

Aims and Objectives

1. To help the less privilege to achieve their dream through sports across Africa.

2. To promote and assist orphans in orphanage homes, person living with disabilities and less privilege in the society in achieving their dreams through sports.

3. To shelter the Orphans and the less privilege.

4. To train and empower orphans, persons living with disability and less-privilege in the development and acquisition of sporting skills and all forms of amateur and professional football and sports.

5. To promote all sporting and educational activities to orphans, persons living with disabilities and less privilege in the realization of their hopes and dreams.

6. To partner with individuals and organizations in establishing strong and united platforms in fostering this association.

7. To provide and enriched divers learning environment for our players.

Mission statement

Helping talented under previledged children of African societies to achieve their destines and goals through sports

Visison statement

Breaking the vicious circle of poverty and illteracy among the under previledged through sports and education

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