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About our founder

This project was conceived by a concerned citizen of Nigeria, Mr. Sidney Ubanna Sunday on one faithful day November 8th 2015 during a football open camp where one of the national teams were camping to select young children of 17 years that will play for out junior National Teams, I saw a lots of children that comes from different parts of our country to participate at the open screening. As I was driving through the township stadium, I saw right in the center of the town both boys and girls in a groups, some of them were gambling with playing cards while others were organize in playing football with a local ball and others in different kind of sports. I took my time to study these children and I found lots of great talents in them.

These children were of school going ages of 7 to 17 years. I approached them and started questioning them. Their answers were pathetic and virtually the same, my parents were death, my mother says she doesn’t have money to send me to school or buy me sporting kits, I don’t know the where about of my father, I cannot play in our national team or clubs if I don’t have a godfather and so on.



In order to satisfy my curiosity, I ventured into the arena by moving from house to house so as to verify the authenticity of the information given to me by those children. It was one of my research and study that it came to light that most of those children did not have anyone to care for them. I was struck by the extent of deprivation suffered by these children. There is not much of constituency for these homeless children who are being marketed or who must sell themselves to survive.

These children survive as a result of tips they receive from people whose errant they carry. The tips are most of the time in the form of food. In the evening they are found at the vicinity of video houses and some even pass the night on a pavements and places uncongenial to their health. I, Sidney thought I had seen everything, but I was shocked to learn about another disturbing problem which needs serious solution. That is the burning issue of teenage mothers who are on the increase, indeed a bane to our community and the nation and a matter of grave concert to all of us even to the teenagers themselves.

Viewed critically from this gloomy backdrop, I embarked upon this arduous task with a high ambition and hope to draw public attention to this silent destroyer of our national heritage, these needy children can be able to have a better future playing professional sports. In view of these, that is how African Orphanage Home Sport was born. We at African Orphanage Home Sports, we target these set of children to help them out by training them and with the support from our benevolence and candid sponsors, this children’s’ dreams can be achieved.  

Nevertheless, Africa Orphanage Homes and Less Privilege Football and other Sport Association, is basically only for the young less privilege boys and girls that were in our different local villages, communities in our different societies across Nigeria and Africa.

However, coming to another major reason why African Orphanage Home was founded is that, you can agree that there are a lots of children that were roaming the street in Nigeria and across Africa during nothing, instead of them joining bad peer group or doing illegal activities, we bring them together in our homes (NGO) and our team of dedicated coaches and teachers will educate them and train them in any different sports thy can participate in, by doing so with grace of God on our side, we give them a very good life through sports by taking them out for National and International competitions where they can get the change to secure a very good contract in playing professional sports. Thus by doing so, we are now preventing crimes and also eradicating poverty in the lives of these innocent children and also make them very good proud Ambassadors in our beloved country.

We at Africa Orphanage sports, we combine education and sport as major tools to make these our young boys and girls achieve their dreams in life and we don’t charge them any money to participate or join us, it was the donations that we get from our candid and benevolence sponsors that support us with money and sporting kits including books that keeps these our Orphans and Less Privilege children achieve all their good dreams.   

However, our special thanks goes to all our sponsors who has been there for us over the years most especially, MRS. LUCY FROM MINISTRY OF WOMEN AFFAIRS and all the members and staffs of SUNRISE FAMILY SERVICES SOCIETY VANCOUVER, CANADA. Our great gratitude also goes to GOD ALMIGHTY and also to MARY LAMARQUE the INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION CORDINATOR of UNRISE FAMILY SERVICES SOCIETY NORTH VANCOUVER BC V7M 3JA in CANADA. We say a very big thank you to you all.

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