Many orphanage homes could be liken to boarding houses, camps and hostels where children are kept for a long hours without much socialization with the outside world. Visitation from charitable organization and individuals are infrequent and mostly during occasions, as festivities. These vulnerable and disadvantaged children are most lost often “forgotten” in our daily social lives, community and family interactions. A visit to these orphanages always show that the children yearn for affection, deep care and love, they wants to interact, they want to mingle, they want to be loved and appreciated, they desire to belong and one of the most creative ways of meeting the need of these children is through sporting activities.

That’s why the AOHS has come u with a nice initative called the Annual Orphanage Homes Games to give hope to hope to the children.


  1. To promote the moral and social wellbeing of children in our society.
  2. To promote friendship and love among children.
  3. To introduce sports as an effective tools to eradicate poverty by playing in a professional sporting clubs or teams in the future.